Northwood’s Automotive Show to Include Keynote Speaker and VIP Panelists

The upcoming NUIAS (Northwood University International Automotive Show) will comprise of a key speaker, and many VIP panelists signifying many important aspects of the present auto industry. The forthcoming auto show is expected to be held during the first weekend of October 2012 i.e. from October 5th to 7th on the Midland facility of the well-known Northwood University.

The VIP Panel at the Northwood auto show has been scheduled to start at around 10:30 AM on Friday 5th October 2012 in the famous Griswold Lecture Hall, and the VIP panel is more likely to discuss about the present market subjects, and how exactly these impact their outlook of the auto industry. Even the general public has been invented to take part in the show’s panel conversation.

The new 2012 VIP Panelists consists of many leading executives from an extensive range of auto segments, including Mr. Ron Lamb as the event’s keynote speaker. Ever since 2010 October, Ron Lamb has been functioning as the chief president of the renowned Reynolds and Reynolds organization. Before being nominated as the firm’s president, he was serving as senior VP (Vice President) of the company’s sales.

All through his profession at Reynolds, Mr Lamb has worked on a wide range of leadership job positions in both marketing and sales. Back in 1991, Lamp connected to Reynolds of Tampa, and was appointed as Regional Sales Executive in Atlanta region until shifting to Dayton to connect the company’s marketing division as manager of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions.

During 2002, he was promoted as General Manager of the firm’s Web Services, and in 2005, he was declared as VP of enterprise solutions, accountable for handling the organization’s top hundred auto retailing consumers. Then in October 2005, Lamb was appointed as VP of Sales, and became Senior Sales VP in 2008. He is holding a Bachelor’s degree from Princeton University in the stream of politics, and an MBA degree from the famous Loyola College located in Baltimore.

The other important VIP Panelists of the upcoming auto show include Tamara Darvish from DARCARS Auto Group, Angus MacKenzie (a leading auto journalist), and Dave Kobuszewski from NASCAR Auto Group. The Northwood Auto Show’s opening rite is expected to be held in Griswold Lecture Mansion at around 12-PM on 5th October 2012.

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